Why Are Dogs And Ducks Best Friends?

1. Because they go on road trips together

2. Look out for each other

3. Become animal models together

4. Compete in staring contests together

5. Take each other for rides

6. Have fun at the pool together

7. Practice for pro wrestling together

8. Take naps together

9. Or take first shift when only one is tired

10. Or the second shift

11. Go swimming together

12. Lend each other a helping hand

13. Explore the wild together

14. Check each other for body odor

15. Enjoy cold winter days together

16. Tell each other stories

17. They can read each others minds

18. They always make sure there is a lifeguard around

19. They just get each other

20. And that’s why they’ll be best friends for life

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/lyapalater/why-are-dogs-and-ducks-best-friends

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