When Shia LaBeouf Dropped Acid And Live Tweeted It

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We all remember our first acid trip. I mean… not me. I once forgot I had already put a sugar in my tea and put another one in – that was pretty wild.

But enough about my New Years Eve. Remember when Shia LaBeouf, in a shock move that no-one saw coming, did some drugs. Specifically, acid. It was apparently in preparation for his film,The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman, in which people were tripping on acid. To top it all off, ol’ shy Shia decided he’d live tweet the whole affair. It’s like what Twitter was made for…

3:15 AM 7 Aug 12

OK everybody here goes nothing. Im gonna light a cigarette. Where are my cigarettes. Brb going to Walgreens for cigs

3:45 AM 7 Aug 12

the security guard at Walgreens is a crazy guy. there was fire coming out of his head and i told him your heads on fire and he just looked at me

3:46 AM 7 Aug 12

im gonna light a cig

3:52 AM 7 Aug 12

theres like 4 types of lettuce in this apt. i didnt even buy that much lettuce. what am i gonna do juggle lettuce. alright bye

3:56 AM 7 Aug 12

indiana jones was the peak of my career. feel very aware that its all downhill from here

4:03 AM 7 Aug 12

i resent my father camping out in my house. ok but get this, its fine yeah its totally fine he can do whatever he wants. the end

4:08 AM 7 Aug 12

is this entertaining. is this new media. i dont understand my feet

4:09 AM 7 Aug 12

you guys ever watch that video of the double rainbow?

4:12 AM 7 Aug 12

@frankiemunez whos laughing now? whos laughing now buddy checkmate

4:14 AM 7 Aug 12

my character hasnt seen his brother before. i figured that out. he doesnt even know he HAS a brother. but he doesss have a brother. complicated actually

4:28 AM 7 Aug 12

i would have sex with lars von trier on camera. i would. but only if its dogme style. im a comedian guys

4:33 AM 7 Aug 12

im nothing, im an idiot. how did i get here when nothing happened

4:44 AM 7 Aug 12

whats the difference btw mayonaise and mayo? is there a difference

4:46 AM 7 Aug 12

who has my hand i want it back

4:48 AM 7 Aug 12

i was lying before. will smith is good at rap

4:51 AM 7 Aug 12

twitter is like the energy that links our brains together. mental lubricant

5:06 AM 7 Aug 12

im wearing three watches and they all have different times. i have a watch on my ankle damn you sorry, i love u

5:14 AM 7 Aug 12

yr gonna see me in yr dream cause i dont know where to live anymore

5:22 AM 7 Aug 12

im done w this!! im nothing

5:56 AM 7 Aug 12

ok guys i dont really get sigur ros but theyre beautiful anyway

So… anyone remember Even Stevens? Fun show. But he’s right in a way, Will Smith was quite good at rap.

Years on and we’re still waiting onLars von Trier’s response.

Rupert Grint, who also appeared in the film said about Shia “He smashed the place up, got naked and kept seeing this owl. If anything will make you not do drugs, its watching that.”

Good luck to Shia, I guess. He seems to be having fun with his time. Maybe we should all act a little more like him and the World would be a better place… or maybe not. It’s hard to tell.

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