This Mom’s Video Calls Out the Ridiculous Things We All Said Before We Had Kids

It’s easy for people to claim they know exactly how they’d behave in a hypothetical situation.

From armchair quarterbacks who are sure they could run a football team better than the coach, to backseat drivers who definitely would’ve seen that grocery cart lurking in the parking lot and swerved before they hit it, we’ve all dealt with (or, let’s be honest, been) this kind of well-meaning know-it-all.

Parents might be more familiar with this than anyone. As hilarious vlogger and mom of three, Tova Leigh, points out in a recent video on her page, people without kids often aren’t shy about sharing how they would raise children, if they had them…and as the comments illustrate, parents aren’t too shy about sharing how these lofty plans get shattered once those kids aren’t hypothetical anymore.

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