The Five Types Of Compliments It’s Acceptable To Give

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Generally speaking, betches give don’t give compliments, we get them. However, in the rare instances we do intentionally say something nice, it’s usually because we want something or are trying to seem like “real people.” Here are the 5 types of compliments betches give:

The trying-to-seem-down-to-earth compliment 

Before you can respond that it was your mom’s in the 80s, know this is a fake compliment and that we’re only saying it to seem more down to earth/ relatable. Vintage. So adorable!

Example: OMG. I love your skirt. Where’d you get it?

The pretending-to-be-humble compliment

This is when a betch semi-insults herself in the process of giving a compliment. This is, again, an attempt to seem down to earth and relatable. We need all the help we can get in that department.

Example: I could NEVER pull off that dress like you do. So cute!

The surprised compliment

This is usually said to a bestie or another member of a betch’s inner circle. Believe it or not, this is actually the most sincere compliment you will get from a betch (mostly because we were caught off guard and didn’t know what the F we were saying) . If said to a roommate or sister, this is also code for “I’m going to steal that out of your closet when you’re not looking”.

Example: Wait…is that new? It’s actually kind of cute.

Compliments to get something

This can easily be followed up by a request to “borrow” some money or to smooth the road for whatever you need to confess to her. Yea, so about your car…

Example: Mom, you’ve been looking soooo good lately. Those Pilates classes are definitely paying off.

The compliment-insult

This is just an all around passive aggressive bitch move, equivalent to telling someone they look good in black because it’s “slimming”. However, we’ve all been guilty of this at some point, usually during one of our bitchy moods that we casually blame on PMS.

Example: “Your make up looks really cool. You don’t even notice your skin problems” – Ja’mie King

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