The Chance Of A Lifetime: Red Lobster Announced It Will Deep-Fry And Serve The Scuba Diver It Accidentally Caught To One Lucky Customer

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Seafoodies, grab your tartar sauce, because weve got great news for your taste buds: The scuba diver Red Lobster caught by mistake is going to be deep-fried and put on a platter for one hungry customer to enjoy!

Wow. Now thats a catch of the day!

According to a new promotion from the seafood chain, the diver, who was snagged in a trawl net in the South Pacific last week, is being battered and friedwetsuit, oxygen tank, flippers, and allthen seasoned to crispy, golden perfection, garnished with lemon wedges, and served with plenty of Red Lobsters signature Cheddar Bay Biscuits.


The whopping catch weighs in at 243 pounds, so be sure to bring a healthy appetite, and maybe even a couple of hungry friends if you plan on finishing the whole thing. There should be plenty to go around!

No word yet on how theyll pick the lucky customer, but we cant wait, because this once-in-a-lifetime feast is fit for Neptune himself. Its an event that no self-respecting seafood lover would miss!

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