Segregation Hits A Financial Level

New York apartment complex wants residents in lower income apartments to enter through specific doors.

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For the Love of Money

Social separation is hitting an all time high in the Upper West Side of New York. A luxury apartment complex in the ritzier part of New York is in the midst of construction, and will contain a certain amount of more “affordable” units. But, here’s where things get sticky.

Plans for the building include a separate door for those who are in these lower-income homes, making it sure that they are not to be confused with the luxury home owners of the complex. What is most interesting about this though is that this is no the first time that this layout has occurred, making “the poor door” a growing trend in New York construction.

Why? For the money, of course! Companies get great subsidies and amazing tax-benefits to makes these more “equal” conditions, but still finding a way to make these places seem exclusive.

Much is to be said for this new(ish) layout, only time will tell where this will take us next.

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