Remember Rebecca From Geordie Shore? She Looks Very Different These Days

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Geordie Shore first hit our screens five years ago. Since then we have seen 12 seasons and a host of changes, but the viewing figures would suggest that it’s as popular as ever.

Now cast your mind back to the second series. Got it? Do you rememberRebecca? She was brought into the house, along with Vicky Pattison’s ex Ricci, to replace Greg Lake.Although it was only four years ago – she has changed a great deal.

The fake tan has gone, and the brunette you may remember is nowblonde. It’s fair to say Rebecca’s life may have changed quite a bit, since departing the show after two seasons, she has become a mother to two-year-old Harry.

Here he is.

Rebecca decided not to return to the show for its five year special, telling fans on Twitter:

“Would like to thank everyone for the lovely tweets in regards to the geordie shore reunion I didn’t take part as I have harry now and work commitments, although it would of been a blast and lovely to catch up with everyone..

“I thought it was the best choice for my self to give it a miss I am really looking forward to watching it. It was really down to the stage that I’m at in life being a mother and working. I do miss being the care free 18 year old girl who was once apart of all the madness xx .”

You can’t blame her – she has a side kick to think about these days.

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