Photographer Captures Dogs’ Hilarious Reactions While Flying Mid-Air

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Dogs are awesome. Anyone who has spent time around one or is lucky enough to have a furry friend to come home to knows that!

Aside from the fact that some of them look like little teddy bears and others know how to open up the fridge and fetch a beer, they’re also pretty expressive in other ways.

If you thought photos of dogs blowing bubbles in a pool during the summer was awesome, you’re going to love Julia Christe’s latest photo series.

The German photographer decided to take hilarious photos of dogs “flying” in mid-air. Their reactions? Totally priceless!

According to Daily Mail, the shots were created by dropping the dogs from a very low height onto a mattress, which was placed in front of a wind machine.

Just like that, Christe was able to make it look like these little guys were aimlessly soaring through the skies.

Check out the photos below for a closer look!

Houston, we have a problem…

All of these dogs want to fly.

This little guy is preparing for landing.

Look out below!

This is Lil Wayne in dog form.

It’s amazing what a wind machine and a mattress can do.

Can’t tell if this dog is pissed off or happy to be “flying.”

Here’s proof dogs can fly.

Wait, is this one just standing up?!

It takes skill to strike a pose in mid-air.

But, these pups makeĀ it look too easy!

Especially this guy. So relaxed.

And this one thinks he’s a kangaroo.

Read more: http://elitedaily.com/envision/hilarious-photos-perfectly-capture-dogs-flying-mid-air-photos/857260/

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