One-Pound Baby Born Through Emergency C-Section Miraculously Survives

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After an otherwise smooth pregnancy, Brodie Soster (pictured below) suddenly felt ill on vacation in New Zealand.

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After four days in the hospital and a variety of treatments, they discovered that her baby was not growing and needed to be birthed immediately. The little girl was delivered via C-section and weighed just over one pound.

Miraculously, both Mom and baby are doing great, even if it’s challenging to be away from their home country of Australia.

Soster’s partner Scott was able to get to New Zealand quickly after learning of the medical emergency. Soster told The Daily Mail, “Scott is besotted with her. After the operation, he wouldn’t come and see me because he wanted to be with her.”

The two parents appear to be making the best of a hard situation. The new mom notes, “We have a competition over who she reaches out to touch more but Scott has gone home for a few days so I am winning.”

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The family will go back to their home in Australia in March of 2017, after their baby is strong enough to fly. If you’d like to support this precious family financially, check out their GoFundMe page.

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