Matt Lauer joins Twitter, announces he’s a true Belieber


Matt Lauer really loves him some Justin Bieber. The “Today Show” anchor sent out his very first tweets this morning and used them to pimp Bieber’s new album.

Hello. Everyone go buy Justin bieber's album #believe coming out June 19th

— Matt Lauer (@MLauer) June 15, 2012

If u want to find out Justins first song hes performing tweet me

— Matt Lauer (@MLauer) June 15, 2012

Justin is a great sport! Concert will be amazing!

— Matt Lauer (@MLauer) June 15, 2012

While tween girls squeed, grownups were not impressed:

Total of 2 tweets, both abt Bieber? #facepalm RT @AnnaTarkov: Dear god, @MLauer, if this is the kind of stuff you're going to be tweeting…

— Ed Morrissey (@EdMorrissey) June 15, 2012

Will move to My Little Pony next. RT @mttbry: Matt Lauer (@MLauer) has made three tweets. Each of them has been about Justin Bieber.

— Ben Domenech (@bdomenech) June 15, 2012

But as it turns out, it was actually Bieber manning the iPhone:

I just watched @justinbeiber type this on NBC! RT @MLauer: Hello. Everyone go buy Justin bieber's album #believe coming out June 19th

— Mimi Digital (@MimiDigital) June 15, 2012

Matt Lauer's first tweet EVER! (sent by Justin Bieber) “@MLauer: Hello. Everyone go buy Justin bieber's album #believe coming out June 19th”

— Amanda Harley Allen (@aharleyTV) June 15, 2012

Pics or it didn’t happen!

Me, Justin, and Ann on the Plaza. It's showtime. pic.twitter.com/CKv6JFuX

— Matt Lauer (@MLauer) June 15, 2012

Just minutes after Bieber composed Lauer’s first tweet, “Matt Lauer” was trending worldwide.

Matt Lauer is trending worldwide: http://t.co/WatA6mVq Are you following @MLauer?

— TODAY (@TODAYshow) June 15, 2012

He can thank Justin and the Beliebers for that:

Everyone follow my man @mlauer

— Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) June 15, 2012

okay i just watched @mlauer's followers go from 80 to almost 20,000. oh the power of @justinbieber!

— ❋ⓙⓔⓝ❋ (@MahoneCrew) June 15, 2012

Matt Lauer’s Twitter account, powered by squeeing tweens. He must be so proud.

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