Korean Students Told ‘Anything Goes’ For Yearbook Photos And The Results Are Amazing

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Yearbooks are always good for a laugh. I never got one, myself. I’m not sure if you even get them in England but I reckon if I did, I’d spend ages trying to think of some hilarious quote and, in the end, come up with something totally banal and forgettable. Just like most of my articles.

The thing is though, whilst you may be able to choose a quote to go with your picture, the photos are usually pretty samey and maybe they’ll be one joker who raises an eyebrow or something.

But for some schools in Korea, the students were told anything goes for the pictures and, well, this time there’s an actual Joker…

I’m so jealous. There’s a lot of skin showing, sure, but damn it looks like fun.

Just imagine their kids flicking through that yearbook in years to come. What are they going to think of their dad posing with bunny ears and denim shorts?

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Read more: http://www.hellou.co.uk/2016/08/korean-students-told-anything-goes-for-yearbook-photos-and-the-results-are-amazing-102051/

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