It Looked Like A Normal Mansion. Now Wait Till You See What The Family Put In The Living Room – OMG!

Heres a dream home and then some. Its in New Jersey, but the inspiration for the structure comes from the palace of Versailles in France. Very striking design, but once you get inside thats when you really become blown away.

Especially by this pool! Imagine waking up to this every morning. Clearly the designer wanted to do something exciting with the living room space. This is about as unique as it gets. Forget about walking into your living room and plopping down on a couch, the pool area actually replaces the living room and as youll see it works perfectly and looks fantastic. You can get your swim on or simply relax in the hot tub. On top of the amazing design on the outside and inside, it turns out that the whole estate runs on renewable energy as well!

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