Irrefutable Proof That Justin Timberlake And Guy Fieri Are The Same Person

1. This is famous singer, and occasional actor, Justin Timberlake.

Dazed and Confused / Via exacteditions.com

But some of you may know him best as the man who ruined your life with “Suit & Tie”.

2. While this man is restauranteur, chef, and Food Network personality, Guy Fieri.

He’s usually known for making you fatter with shows like Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

3. Two celebs who couldn’t be more different.

Peggy Sirota / Via bonappetit.com

4. Because while one is a suave gentleman, the other is a fat, greasy man-baby.

Scott Brinegar/Food Network

So very, very greasy.

5. Until you realize that they’ve both rocked the chin beard with sheer shades look.

Matt Baron /BEImages; Darron Cummings / AP


6. And proved that blonds look better in black and yellow.

Food Network

It’s just a fact, folks.

7. Both men give their toes breathing room with a sensible flip-flop.

Food Network

So does JC Chasez, for that matter.

8. And both love flaunting their arm tattoos with a tasteful sleeveless shirt.

Rolling Stone; Jeffrey Boan / AP

9. Frosted tips? Please, they know all about those!

Vince Bucci / Getty Images


10. When it comes to travel, their preferred method is via golf cart.

ODuran/Fame Pictures

11. And when it comes to accessories, it’s a black fedora all the way.

Rob Loud / Getty Images

Know what’s underneath that fedora? (Hint: It’s frosty!)

12. Their faces have inspired super creepy cakes.

13. They’ve both opened restaurants in New York City!

Those eateries have later, in one way or another, been a bit of a disappointment.

14. And they both employ fiery flames as a symbol of the heat they bring to their respective careers.

Perou/Esquire; Food Network

15. Each has their own action figure.

RJ Capak / WireImage; Jeff Christensen / AP Photo

Complete with frosted tips.

16. And both share the same birth month…

Guy’s bday is January 22, while J.Timb danced out of the womb on the 31st.

17. Oddly enough, they also have a “thing” for ketchup.

Paramount Pictures; Food Network

FYI: That’s Justin, and his man thong, in The Love Guru. You’ll never look at your condiments the same way again.

18. Guy has his own line of ready-to-microwave pizzas…

19. Which is convenient, seeing as we all know how Justin feels about pizza.

20. OMG, hold up: Are Justin Timberlake and Guy Fieri the same person leading a double life in order to conquer the food, music, TV and film world?!

Scott Gries / Getty Images

21. (!!!)

Scott Gries / Getty Images

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