Imagine Being Trapped In A Room And The Only Way Out Is By Using Clues. Well, This Is It.

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Imagine going out with your friends… and then getting trapped inside of a room. There are clues written all over the walls and scattered about the room. It’s not obvious what you’re supposed to do or how you’re supposed to get out. You’re trapped. You weren’t kidnapped. You’re playing one of the newest and coolest games that is popping up all over the world. It’s called Escape The Room.

Guests pay Escape The Room to put them in a locked room, filled with clues. They have 1 hour to escape.

Escape The Room

You choose the setting: an office, a home or an agency.

Escape The Room

The success rate of Escape The Room is about 15%… but they weren’t designed to be easy. You have to figure out the puzzles inside of the room to get out.

Escape The Room

If you’re going out with friends, getting locked inside of a room with puzzles being the only way out is certainly a change of pace.

Escape The Room

Source: Escape The Room via Mashable The first real-life escape room opened in Japan in 2007. These rooms were inspired by online games like Empty White Room and The Room. Video games like The Legend of Zelda, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy and Portal have all incorporated “puzzle” aspects to the gameplay. Now, companies like Escape The Room are letting you act out these puzzles in real-life. This escape room is located in New York City, but there may be more cropping up all over the country soon. Would you try your hand at escaping? Share this awesome new idea with others by clicking the button below.

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