Holy Mother What Are These Colin Firth Photos

1. When are these photos from? Dunno! Don’t care! But OK, they look possibly to be near Colin Firth’s Bridget Jones era.

2. Hellooooo Mr. Darcy.

3. This suit is amazing. Those are your colors.

4. You are definitely ready for a night at the Roxbury.

5. OMG, Colin. Staahhhp. Just stop. I am literally dying from the fondness bursting from my heart.

6. And now, in a photoshoot from what appears to be the same year, Colin has changed costumes.

7. He has gone from flashy Mr. Hollywood to Hollywood mobster.

8. That jewelry is beautiful. You could have been a hand model if things didn’t work out.

9. Smoldering. I have been smoldered.

10. Oh you, man of shiny clothing and chunky jewelry. You are a treasure.

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