Hilarious Engagement Commercial Shows How To Avoid Marriage Altogether

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Marriage is a scary concept: It’s a serious commitment that is often rushed so couples can adhere to social norms.

Some wary men may fear their significant other will somehow push or force them into marriage in an effort to “take the next step.”

This anxiety is often compounded by the male concept of “crazy,” territorial women.

These women often become the butt of marriage jokes, and this parody engagement ring ad is no exception.

In the faux commercial, presented by YouTube comedy channel Barely Political, we watch a man enter a jewelry store, seemingly hoping to find an engagement ring.

Soon, we learn that he instead purchased the fictional HypnoRing, which brainwashes the girlfriend into suggesting the pair “skip the whole wedding thing” altogether.

Upon her revelation, the boyfriend gestures triumphantly, as if to commend himself on sneakily dodging the marriage bullet.

Though it kind of paints women in a bad light, the parody is really funny and relatable for anyone in a long-term relationship who’s similarly faced those “next step” anxieties.

My advice: Chill on the next step and enjoy what you have now – because there’s nothing like a little unwanted pressure to f*ck up a good relationship.


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