Community Post: Top 10 Kid’s Game Jingles From The ’80s And ’90s

1. Don’t Wake Daddy

This classic game from the 90s features one heck of a jingle. The point of the game, don’t wake daddy or he will pop up and send you right to bed. It should be noted that daddy is all alone. The Don’t Wake Daddy, Daddy was an icon for single 90s dads everywhere. Don’t wake him. He finally cried himself to sleep again.

2. Mouse Trap

“I guarantee, It’s the craziest trap you’ll ever see!” Another amazing Jingle for an amazing game. This commercial comes from the early 90s featuring the once barely famous Matthew Lawrence, brother of Joey Lawrence of Blossom fame. WHOA!!! At it’s core this commercial spotlights a pompous cat manipulating kids for his own personal gain. Top hatted Cat: “Hey kids, play this game. It has nothing to do with catching these mice so that I can take them back to my lair and disembowel them.”

3. Connect 4

“Go for the glory. Go for the score. Go 4 it. Connect 4!” These kids are so engrossed in going for the glory that they haven’t touched one kernel of their popcorn. Also notice at :09 seconds the girl is telling one of the red pieces where to go. What a controlling monster. Even still, great game. Great jingle.

4. Hungry Hungry Hippos

Another Great jingle from the 80s. Who didn’t love this game? I always made my little brother be the pink Hippo. Even when it was just the two of us playing.

5. Dream Phone

A game that I was “forced” (coughs) to play when my parents visited friends who had a daughter. The jingle starts the ad with: “Who who who’s got a crush on you?” How about why why why do these 21 year old men have a crush on 12 year old girls?

At :11 seconds: I wish girls would get that excited about me “not wearing a hat.”

6. Mr. Bucket

This game from the 90s had a very interesting jingle. One of the lines is: “The balls pop out of my mouth.” Enough said. Read the rest of the lyrics here.

Mr. Bucket, Lyrics:
I’m Mr. Bucket, toss your balls in my top
I’m Mr. Bucket, out of my mouth they will pop
I’m Mr. Bucket!
We’re all gonna run!
I’m Mr. Bucket! Buckets of fun!
I’m Mr. Bucket, balls pop out of my mouth
I’m Mr. Bucket, a ball is what I’m about
I’m Mr. Bucket!
We’re all gonna run!
I’m Mr. Bucket! Buckets of fun!

7. Trouble

It was a fun game in the 90s. The jingle and commercial boast that the game is full of trouble. I don’t see much trouble going on. Unless they were talking about the future of these kid’s acting careers.

8. Operation

As a child I was frightened of this game. I hated getting buzzed and I would rather have been playing a game that didn’t instill an even greater fear of going to the doctor. While the game was a tad off anatomically speaking, there was no denying that the commercial was entertaining and the jingle was catchy. Side note: Our friend Matthew Lawrence has followed us into yet another commercial. I guess he wasn’t barely famous afterall… Not! (90’s cutdown).

9. Jenga

You’ve gotta love a jingle that doubles as instructions for the game. And what a minimalist family. Their only worldly possessions are the clothes on their backs, a single wooden table, and of course their trusty Jenga set. John Lennon was wrong, all you need is Jenga.

10. Crossfire

Some time and place in the deep future, kids from the 90s will battle around huddled masses. These hellish leather clad youths will fly in on hoverboards only to rest on either side of a plastic board game. The mob around them foaming at the mouth in anticipation for “the ultimate challenge” about to commence. An ominous electric cloud will hover above the scene as throngs of onlookers chant and bolts of lighting slam down upon the gridded game board. The winner will claim his rightful glory as the arena goes up in flames. The loser will spin out of control, vacuumed into the vast nothingness of this future’s apocalyptic sky. That game, is Crossfire. You’ll get caught up in it! Watch the video and listen to one of the most rocking jingles of the 90s.

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