Community Post: 90s Boy Bands Vs. 2013 Boy Bands

1. Actual Cool Clothing vs. Wanna-Be Hipster Clothing

Back in the 90’s boy bands like N’Sync and The Backstreet Boys weren’t trying too hard with their clothing. One Direction, The Wanted, and Emblem3 calm down with all the oversized tank tops, snapbacks, and drop-crotch pants…being cool means you don’t have to try so hard!

Winner: 90’s Boy Bands

2. Producing Justin Timberlake vs. Producing Harry Styles

The 90’s produced the amazingly awesome talent that is Justin Timberlake (aka JT). Meanwhile, 2013 has only produced a young man named Harry Styles who we know very little about other than the fact that he dated Taylor Swift for awhile…but then again, does that really make him that special?

Winner: 90’s Boy Bands

3. Tiger Beat Covers vs. Instagram Posts

In the 90’s boy bands knew they’d made it big when they were on the coveted Tiger Beat cover, and getting the poster on the inside was the only real reason any middle school girl bought the magazine. Here in 2013, boy bands have Instagram and Twitter to post as many pics as they want…it just kind of takes the fun out of dragging your mom to the nearest store and begging her to buy a copy for you.

Winner: 90’s Boy Bands

4. Awesome Dance Routines vs. No Dance Routines

90’s boy bands knew how to dance…together and on beat. 2013’s boy bands just two-step to their own music and smolder at the camera. Enough said.

Winner: 90’s Boy Bands

5. USA-made vs. UK-made

To preface this, there’s nothing wrong with things made in the UK. In fact, the UK actually produces some of the best stuff on this planet…just not boy bands. Clearly the U.S. had them beat in that category back in the 90’s.

Winner: 90’s Boy Bands.

6. No Profanity Towards Fans vs. Swearing At Fans At Concert

Fans of 90’s boy bands never had to worry about their idols cussing them out while on stage. What kind of world do we live in when our children’s idols actively swear at them? It’s madness I tell you!

Winner: 90’s Boy Bands

7. Good Ole-Fashion, Clean, Innocent Fun vs. Songs About One Night Stands

90’s boy bands sang about falling in love, heartbreak, and just having a good time with your friends. 2013’s boy bands sing about one night stands and hook-ups (okay, to be fair, only one band sang about that…but still!).

Winner: 90’s Boy Bands

8. And the winner is……

…90’s Boy Bands! Duh!
Nobody will ever compare to the likes of The Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, 98 Degrees, LFO, and Boyz II Men!

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