Community Post: 24 Signs You’re A Latin American Living In The US

If you were born in any of these countries…

(With the exception of Spain).

And now happen to live in the US…

This post is dedicated to you, mi amigo!

1. This is how you felt when you first got to the US…

Lots of excitement!

2. Although this was the look you got from the customs officer.

3. People have a hard time pronouncing your name properly…

4. And forget about even spelling it correctly.

And it will never happen! So go ahead and pick a nickname…

5. This happens when you try to kiss people on the cheek…

6. So you sharpened up your hand-shaking skills.

7. You never got used to the food…

And probably gained a lot of weight!

8. But discovered that junk food can replace every meal!

Nom Nom Nom!

9. Americans make fun of you whenever you mispronounce words…

10. But you make fun of them whenever they attempt to roll their R’s…

Next time ask them to say “ferrocarril” and enjoy it!

11. Or pretty much say anything in Spanish.

Poor Fab Our!

12. You are certain that America is not a country…

It’s a continent made up of 35 countries. Source.

13. But who cares… you’re an “alien” to them anyways!

14. You know this is the real football.

And have a hard time understanding american football.

15. You gave up on the metrication system…

Ounces? Inches? Miles? What the hell!

16. You miss speaking in Spanish so much.

17. You haven’t used this in a while.

Or these others: á, é, í, ó, ú…

18. You miss sweet popcorn.

So you might wanna try kettle corn.

19. You are so excited about Christmas during winter time.

Santa’s outfit finally makes sense (to all of us located in the Southern Hemisphere)!

20. You have the bad habit of converting prices to your country’s currency…

And realize that everything is freaking expensive!

21. But dollars are worth so much more back in your country!

And you are suddenly rich!

22. People think we all do siestas…


23. Or that we all wear sombreros…


24. And if you speak in Spanish they immediately think you are Mexican.

Nope, there are like 20 countries were Spanish is the official language… Source.

So even though you miss your friends…

You know you’ve made the right decision!

God Bless Latin Americans!

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/tob/24-signs-youare-a-latin-american-living-in-the-u-biby

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