Community Post: 24 Easy Ways To Rule “Elf On The Shelf”

1. Eyes in the Sky

2. Under a glass.

Also a good reminder not to touch the talent.

3. Say Cheese

If you have the desire, you can print out pics of the elf around the house. Bonus points if they photobomb the sleeping children.

4. Shower Curtain

You missed a spot.

5. Dino Wrangler

Also great for My Little Ponies.

6. Fridge Alpineer

The Elf version of Mission: Impossible

7. Game Night

That baby needs to know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em.

8. Dryer Elf

More for parents; they can’t do laundry without touching the elf. Never touch the elf!

9. Pumping Iron

Never too young to enforce GTL.

10. Breakfast!

Ermahgerd, tiny pancakes.

11. Get to work

You can take the laborer out of the North Pole….

12. Connect 4

Add to the game throughout the day.

13. Arctic Sleepover

Aw, little elf is homesick. As with all problems, a pile of Totino’s is the correct answer.

14. Swing

What a crafty bugger.

15. Meeting of the Minds

Round up the noisy toys you can’t stand and enjoy the silence.

16. Craft time

What if they’re just using your supplies to make crap to sell on Etsy?

17. Defend Space Law

Use the

18. Story Time

Any toys work, but that storm trooper is totes adorbs.

19. Hipster Elf

Hipsters love cameras but also barbie skinny jeans, bad poetry and menthols.

20. Game of Thrones

Between foreign exchange students and spying elves, only one would think a shenanigan like this is acceptable.

21. Yoga

Don’t worry, you look waaaaaay better when you do it.

22. Flying

Looks like those “action figures” got schooled.

23. Sick Day

Your kid will get a cold in December. Their elf will sympathize.

24. Elf Anything

“The magic of John Cusack still exists, but we have to BELIEVE.”

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/shelleyjtleroy/24-easy-ways-to-rule-elf-on-the-shelf-gaob

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