Community Post: 18 Stages Of Getting Addicted To A New TV Show

1. Ok, so everybody is talking about it. Maybe I should give it a try.

2. Download the first season.

3. Watch the first episode.

4. It seems nice.

5. Watch 5 more episodes.

6. It really is great!!

7. Watch it nonstop for days.

8. Download all seasons.


10. Suddenly you get to the latest episode.

11. And for now on you have to wait an entire week for the next one.

12. You feel anxiety

13. The season ends and you have to wait MONTHS for the next one.

14. The waiting..

15. MORE anxiety.

16. You feel empty.

18. But the next season starts and it’s all happiness again.

And that’s how you know you’re really addicted.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/raruschel/18-stages-of-getting-addicted-to-a-new-tv-show-fnqc

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