Bill OReilly Blamed God For His Sexual Harassment Allegations and People Are Ticked

ith all of the depressing news going around these days, it can sometimes be fun to play a game we like to call, “Who Are the Bad Guys Gonna Blame This Time?”

The rules are simple. Find a bad guy (or gal). Then, guess who that person is going to blame for their own actions. If you guess that they step up and take responsibility for their actions rather than blaming someone (or something) else, you automatically lose.

Earlier this week, former Fox news anchor Bill O’Reilly blamed God for the sexual misconduct allegations he was facing. Now, he appears to be dealing with the fallout.

Read more: http://twentytwowords.com/now-bill-oreilly-is-seeing-the-fallout-of-blaming-his-rapiness-on-god/

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