Are Upgrades Really Improving Our Lives? Why I’m Sticking With My iPhone 4

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Every social media feed I read and every site I visit aims to tell me about the cool new gadgets and features on Apple’s iPhone 6. Not only that, there is also some magical Apple wristwatch about which people seem super jazzed.

I have a regular watch that tells time and an old iPhone 4 that delivers me emails; I don’t need anything more.

This generation is too obsessed with the gadgets in our pockets and not concerned enough about the world around us.

I, personally, would rather spend the $200 that many will spend on the cheaper version of the iPhone 6 on a bunch of cool concert tickets, a nice dinner and maybe a few drinks this weekend with my friends — and still have enough left over for a late-night, drunken In-N-Out run.

Don’t worry, Apple; I’ll make sure to use my inferior phone to take pictures of all of these events on Instagram. I’ll use crazy cool filters, too.

Honestly, what even is a phone anymore? All I need is to be able to call or text, check my emails, play 2048 when bored and Tinder people when I’m sitting on my couch, watching TV. Maybe also add a couple of social media networks, just in case.

The used iPhone 4 I got two years ago for the low price of $1, due to my AT&T upgrade, still does all of those things just fine.

Why do I care if this new camera has tons more cool pixels and takes better photos? If I were really interested in photography, I would buy a real camera and do some real photography work.

The Instagram photo of my 1 am fast food burger does not really necessitate the extra pixels the iPhone 6 would give me.

I’m going to be a relative Luddite during this time of Apple update frenzy. Can’t we all be content with the phone, computer, watch and myriad of other sleek devices that we already have? By next year, the company will unveil an even “better” phone that costs even more.

The tech herd’s Pavlovian response will be to shell out hundreds of dollars on this new contraption, year after year. Apple has a great marketing campaign (or mind control trick), and it delivers products people want, as people are always searching for new and better.

The technology field preys on people who always want more, at faster speeds, with better results. Eh, I’m still amazed that Bluetooth works in my car. That’s as tech-friendly as I need.

Before you wait in a long line at the nearest Apple store, money in hand, I request you answer a few internal questions: Do I really need this new phone? Are its new features really that necessary? Is my old phone broken?

Could I still use it for another year and get the new iPhone 7.4 or whatever next year, when will inevitably be revealed with similar pomp and circumstance? Will anyone really judge me for not getting this trendy new gadget?

Finally, here’s the big kicker: Will I actually use any of the new features on it? Chances are, you probably won’t. You will, however, get cleaner pictures of your lunch, before you put a Kelvin filter on it for Instagram purposes.

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