7 Teenage Dating Tips From A 1953 Encyclopedia Britannica Film

1. There are a few ways to ask out a girl. The first way: do it to her face.

This can be scary, though. Here’s what our narrator tells us: “George did make the date. Awkward, maybe. But the date is made.” So awkward.

2. Or you can call her. Buuuuut…

3. Calling is the worst! No one knows the rules! Thank God for passive, non-committal text messages.

4. “Any honest compliment is tops in date etiquette.”

5. We are warned: When a girl blabs on and on about the hairdresser, a boy doesn’t know how to respond. Here, George is being “smart” by thinking of conversation topics beforehand. Because clearly, his date will relate to “comic books.”

6. For the love of God, don’t do this.

7. See her to her door.

Spoiler alert: George doesn’t get any. Bummer.

“Beginning to Date,” a 1953 Encyclopaedia Britannica Film.

In a nutshell:
– Be nice and polite.
– When you’re a dick, no one has fun.
– Things to plan ahead: activities, conversations, (and the lame one) when to go home.

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