5 Ways To Stay Close With College Friends When Life Keeps Getting In The Way


It sucks, but it happens to everyone. Four years are spent with people you never met before, and suddenly, youre standing at graduation with a group of people you dont know how to live without.

What started as a passing hello grew into an inescapable relationship youre terrified to leave behind.

Luckily, with modern advances in technology, its easy to keep in contact with everyone you love. Whether it be parents, siblings or your college best friends, with a few clicks of a button, you can see and hear from most people in your life.

However, like most story book romances, there comes a time when even though you and your college best friendspromised you would never leave each other, you guys start gradually growing apart.

It reaches a point where you only talk once a month, then maybe twice a year and soon, you only hear from them for a holiday card.

Luckily, there are afew ways to combat that long and heartbreaking dissolve.

1. Plan group outings.

It might seem silly to plan your weekly happy hour a month in advance, but once life takes over, sometimes its hard to stick to your old habits.

You used to have four nights per week, totally free. Now youre lucky if you get an hour. Plan for a bunch of your friends to meet up far in advance, so you can see everyone at once and catch up. Theyll all be thankful you took the initiative.

This way, you only have to make time for one outing. And once its on your calendar,youll be far less likely to back out.

2. Check in once in awhile.

If you havent seen someone in a while, just ask how they are. When time passes like that, you may have missed out on small-but-awesome things.

Things of this nature include a new SO or pet that theyd love to share. These milestones are important, but not necessarily social-media worthy.

You can also check Facebook to see if theres anything you would want to chat about and send them a quick note. Theyll love that youre checking on them.

3. Use Skype and FaceTime.

Skype and FaceTime are godsends for any college best friendswho arent in the same state. When you would normally be hanging out talking about life, youre suddenly hours and hours away.

Although its not the same, you can at least get a sense of the other persons surroundings.

4. Send things that remind you of your old times.

Ever walk through a store and see something that reminds you of your college friend?

Come across a dress similar to the one your friend did her legendary walk of shame in? See a bottle of the cheap alcohol you used to pregame the night you all cant remember? Send it to the group chat.

Theyll love that even after all this time, you still keep them in the back of your mind. Bonus points if its something stupid they did while drunk.

5. Keep each other updated.

When something major happens in your life, let them know. When you get a promotion or your sibling has a baby, keep them involved by sendingthem updates on how everything is going.

Even if you havent talked in awhile, theyll still be so excited to hear how your life is progressing.

People will always get distracted by other things in life, and gradually drift away. Its not fun, but you want to believe theyre happy and successful even when youre not around.

The beauty of college friendsis that even when you move away from each other, your relationship stays with you.

People naturally drift apart, but its easy to stay connected and keep each other in the loop. Everyone involved will appreciate your efforts.

Keep your college friends involved in your life and youll never truly be alone.

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