44 Reasons Why Chris Kirkpatrick Is The Most Underrated Boyband Member Of All Time

1. Chris had the best poses.

2. Like his “what’s up” pose.

3. “Hey” pose.

4. “Sexy” pose.

5. “Casual” pose.

6. “Self-love” pose.

7. “Grabbing your attention” pose.

8. And, of course, his “trying to see you better” pose.

9. And his hair.

10. That big beautiful pineapple head!

12. G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S.

13. Whether it was in his eyes.

14. Or parted in the middle.

15. Long-ish.

16. Or cut short. Chris always looked hot.

17. Chris also had great taste in hats.

18. Like this purple one.

19. And this visor.

20. And this visor.

21. And this visor.

22. His style was impeccable.

23. He was really into flames.

24. Overalls.

25. Baggy jeans.

26. Denim vests.

27. Bullet proof vests.

28. And matching his clothing with the color of his braces.

29. Chris was one of the only members of the band bold enough to wear sunglasses.

30. So many sunglasses!

31. And if it wasn’t sunglasses, it was GOGGLES.

32. Oh, those goggles <3<3<3<3

33. Let’s not forgot about his facial hair too!

34. He took risks with it.

35. Besides looks, Chris had the best personality. He wasn’t afraid to tell JC to STFU!

36. Or tell Justin that wife beater made him look fat.

37. Hhahahaha, Chriiiiiiiiiis!!!

39. He was so funny!!!

40. Cameras!

41. Laptops!

43. In conclusion,

44. Also his voice was the highest.

As demonstrated in “I Drive Myself Crazy”.

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