25 Most Violent Places In The World

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Whether relocating or vacationing, the safety of a certain place is always an issue. For the past decade, the world has seen different types of violence carried out in many portions of the world. While most of the biggest crimes reported in history had political roots, some of them were also triggered by poverty and the use of drugs. Here is a list of the 25 most violent places in the world in terms of crime rate:

25. Baltimore, Maryland

Though the city has seen a slight decrease in its murder rate from last year, it remains to be one of the most violent places in the United States due to its high level of drug and gang related violence.

24. Belem, Brazil

Belem is known as a natural gateway for drug smuggling. It is believed that it is through the dense Amazonian jungle surrounding this city that drugs are exported all over Brazil and around the world. Violence in this part of the country is mostly related to drug killings, primarily because of the great number of cocaine users living here.

23. Bogota, Colombia

Though security in this part of Colombia has significantly improved through the years, narco-terrorist groups continue to spread violence in some of its rural areas, especially in Bogota. Three years ago, a bomb explosion took place outside the Caracol radio station and since then, numerous cases of high profile kidnappings have been reported.

22. Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

The capital and largest city of Papua New Guinea is one of the most dangerous cities in the world in terms of crime rate. Rape and robbery are the most common in this city, though carjacking, vehicle stoning, and pick-pocketing are also rampant. Even unguarded public sites such as beaches, parks and golf courses are not exempted from criminals.

21. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Though mugging and pick pocketing are two of the biggest issues confronted by the local government of Santo Domingo today, reports of violence against foreigners and car theft are also significantly increasing. Local criminals often target tourists from other countries, that is why foreigners in this part of the country are advised to exercise caution all the time.

20. Muzaffarabad, Pakistan

It is ironic that despite being labeled as “a paradise on earth,” this city in Pakistan is also considered one of the most violent places in the world. High level organized crime, terrorism, abduction and drug trafficking are all common in Muzaffarabad.

19. Cape Town, South Africa

Despite being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, this city is battling against some of the highest crime rates on Earth. Cape Town is easily considered as one of the most dangerous cities at night, especially for women. Most of the crimes committed in this part of South Africa are motivated by the disparity between and among socioeconomic classes.

18. Detroit, Michigan

With a murder rate of 54.6 per 100,000 citizens, Detroit is without a doubt one of the most violent places in the world. Four decades ago, it was known as the Murder Capital of the United States because of its very high crime rate which can be attributed to the high level of poverty, gang presence and drugs.

17. Sana’a, Yemen

Ever since the Mercer Survey in December 2012, the security situation in this city in Yemen has considerably deteriorated due to political uprisings. The political instability of Sana’a is said to be the reason why it has turned into a hub of terrorism. Today, residents of this city are advised to leave while commercial carriers are still flying here.

16. Caracas, Venezuela

Caracas was one of the ten most dangerous cities in the world in 2010. Until today, the city remains among the most violent places in the world because of its high murder rate. Much of the violence committed within Caracas is said to be related to drug trafficking in the city. Ironically, armed kidnappings and murders in this city often involve the local police officers themselves.

15. Mogadishu, Somalia

This part of Somalia is often associated with military offensive attacks committed by terrorists. In 2010, an attack was launched against the Transitional Federal Government and African Union, killing hundreds. That same year, a roadside bomb explosion was also reported to have damaged three civilian minibuses and killed nine people. Violent incidences such as this are a common occurrence here.

14. Port-au-Prince, Haiti

The capital and largest city of Haiti is said to be controlled by criminals. Violent outbreaks have been seen in the city since 2004 despite the police assistance provided by the United Nations. The presence of police, however, does not guarantee security for visitors in Port-au-Prince, as it is considered a bastion of murderers, carjackers, robbers and drug addicts

13. Maceio, Brazil

In 2011, Maceio had a homicide rate of 1564. Though world-renowned for its pristine beaches, this city is also known for its significant crime rate. The favelas, or slums, are wracked with violent, drug related crime.

12. Flint, Michigan

Known as one of the deadliest city of the United States, Flint has a murder rate of 64.9 per 100,000 citizens. It is also one of the poorest cities in the country, with rural areas plagued by illegal gun users and drug dealers.

11. St. Louis, Missouri

Based on statistics, St. Louis, Missouri tops the list of the most violent cities in the United States, beating Detroit, New Orleans and Camden. In 2006, it was dubbed as “America’s Most Dangerous City” and in 2009, it came in second. It currently has 2,070 violent crimes per 100,000 residents. Most crimes take place in the east part of St. Louis, which accounts for 65% of the total crimes committed in the city.

10. Karachi, Pakistan

Most of the terrorist attacks that were reported in Pakistan from 2011 to 2012 took place in Karachi. The largest city in Pakistan is known to be wracked with lawlessness and crime as it is overrun by all sorts of violence, including gang shootings and suicide bombings.

9. Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham has always been among the deadliest cities not just in the United States but in the world. It has had consistently high crime rates since the 1990s, with a murder rate of 33.7 per 100,000 citizens. Police officers say that most of the homicides committed in the city are difficult to prevent because they are domestic.

8. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans has been ranked as one of the deadliest cities not just in the United States but also in the world. Just in 2012, this city had 193 reported murders, accounting for its 53.5 murder rate for every 100,000 citizens. Through the years, this city has been struggling against high levels of gang crimes typically associated with the rampant use of illegal firearms among its residents.

7. Nairobi, Kenya

Through the years, the world has seen a great number of terrorist attacks in Nairobi. Plagued with high crime rates in low-income areas, travelers are advised to stay clear of these areas. Incidences of street crimes are also common in the city.

6. Grozny, Chechnya

Since the 1990s, this city in Russia has seen highly destructive conflicts—the reason why the United Nations recently dubbed it as “The Most Destroyed City on Earth.” Crimes committed by gangsters and mobs are very rampant in Grozny, but criminal murder, kidnapping and rape are among its most serious issues.

5. Baghdad, Iraq

Since the 20th century, Baghdad has suffered from its highly unstable political climate. It has consistently been dubbed as one of the most dangerous places on earth because of the constant bombings and counter bombings here, which have destroyed most of the city’s infrastructure. Suicide bombings and seemingly random gunfire is fairly common in Baghdad.

4. Torreon Metropolitan, North Mexico

Torreon was ranked the seventh most dangerous city in the world in 2012 as it had a murder rate of 88 per 100,000 inhabitants. Today, drug cartels in the city continue to wage a violent turf war against the government of Mexico as they fight for control of lucrative drug smuggling routes into the United States.

3. Acapulco, Mexico

In 2012, Acapulco was the fourth most dangerous city in the world. Murder rates in this city were around 128 per 100,000 inhabitants. According to reports, about 60,000 deaths have occurred in Acapulco since President Felipe Calderon intensified its laws against drug cartels.

2. San Pedro Sula, Honduras

San Pedro Sula, Honduras is besieged by crimes such as gang violence, drug cartel killings and extortion. Homicide rates in this country are currently hovering around 1,143, while the murder rate is at 158.87.

1. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Ciudad Juarez in Mexico has recently been dubbed as “the most violent zone in the world outside of declared war zones.” Since 2008, the number of crimes committed within the city has increased significantly. Just in 2008, 1,400 murders and 2,500 drug-related deaths were reported.

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