16 Things “Clueless” Fans Love

1. Daydreaming about a closet that does this.

2. Freaking out over apps that attempt to recreate Cher’s closet.

3. Being completely unapologetic about how you actually wore knee highs every day of 1996.

4. Similarly, feeling pretty great about how you wore button-up shirts under sweaters.

5. Doing this dance at parties.

6. Freaking out about how awesome it was that Calvin Klein reissued this famous dress.

Not that we could actually afford it.

7. Being very clear that you do not endorse the TV version of Clueless.


8. If you live in L.A., saying this anytime people bitch about parking.

9. Tweeting about your heroes on a semi-regular basis.

10. The beautiful, dreamy, cute-faced Paul Rudd. Oh, Paul.

12. ZOMG Clueless reunions!

14. Giving people advice directly from Clueless.

15. Recognizing and calling out full-on Monet situations.

16. Having THE perfect Clueless quote for just about any situation.

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