15 People Who Clearly Don’t Understand What Catcalling Is (Photos)

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Last week, the Internet erupted after a video of a woman being catcalled 100 times in 10 hours in New York City began to make the rounds.

There were definitely a few flaws in the production process, but after seeing the video and reading the reactions that flooded social media (especially from women who, you know, have actually experienced street harassment), I’m not sure how anybody could walk away saying,

You know what? I really don’t see a reason to stop yelling things at women on the street.

Unfortunately, there were a few people who failed to grasp this fairly obvious message, and while I’m not what you’d call a card-carrying feminist, I’m tired of the countless essays that lump “men” into one homogenous group of impulsive Neanderthals based on the behavior of too many idiots.

Consequently, I do genuinely enjoy taking a few minutes out of my day to scour the Internet in search of people who deserve to have a spotlight shined upon their stupidity.

If you’re responsible for any of the statements listed below, feel free to delete your tweet to save face.

I still have a screenshot.

We can stop debating now. This guy knows exactly who’s creepy and who isn’t. Maybe he should make an app. I bet that would be popular.

It’s almost as if it’s a bigger problem for women than it is for men.

This guy is basically Mel Gibson in “What Women Want” and there’s nothing you can do to argue that.

This guy liked it so everybody else should too.

If anybody would know, it would be this guy.

“EVEN ANIMALS DO IT” actually made me laugh out loud. I hope one day humans can be as evolved as every other species on Earth.

It’s literally the exact same thing. What would we do without this brave social warrior?

Rape and murder are literally the only two problems in the world.

I must have missed the history class about knights standing on corners and whistling at passing maidens.

Everybody knows NFL Sundays are for arguing with dumb broads about why domestic abuse isn’t a real problem, either.

That video was sooooo dumb when you ignore the pretty serious issue it highlighted.

Remember the time the world almost ended when we gave women the right to vote?

I forgot that freedom of speech means you can say stupid sh*t with no repercussions.

I like to imagine this guy frantically trying to say “Good morning” to every person he passes on the street.

People seem to forget that merely mentioning science in an argument doesn’t mean you actually know what you’re talking about.

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